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Super Bowl 50 Review

We break down every aspect of the Super Bowl, from the game to the commercials to the halftime, as we delve into how the Broncos kept the Panthers offense un wraps.

We talk Warriors with Omar Lewis, MLB testing for “Drugs of Abuse” and local Vallejo sports.

Super Bowl Predictions, New Admirals Coaches

We give our Super Bowl Predictions, talk about what we liked and didn’t like about Pro Bowl and NHL All Star Game, talk Warriors All Star Reserves, local Vallejo sports, and the Raiders-to-Vegas crappola.

And The Admirals coaching staff has been made official, so we talk with three of the four coaches: Manager Mike Samuels, Pitching Coach, Warren Brusstar, and OF Coach Lonnie Jackson!

Championship Sunday, Spurs-Warriors

We break down Championship Sunday, Raiders five Pro Bowlers, Chip Kelly just wants to coach, preview Spurs-Warriors, local Vallejo Sports, and Six-Degrees of Sammy with Admirals Coach, Mike Samuels.

NFL Relocation, MLK Day '16

I finally get to let it all out regarding NFL relocation, and try to find the positive in it. I make my conference championship predictions, discuss the Dubs lull with my hoops guru, Omar Lews, and talk local sports and more with Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald.

Wild Card Round & Admirals Potential Coaches

We break down Wild Card Weekend, tell Pacman Jones and Bengals fans “They Asked for It,” make our predictions for the divisional round, discuss L.A. relocation plans, and the 49ers interest in Hue Jackson.

We’re also joined by Admirals Interim Manager, Mike Samuels, and his prospective coaches, Warren Brusstar and Tim Wallace, as they tell us why they should be the coaching staff of the Admirals, what they bring to the table, and their opinions on MLB Hall of Fame voting.

NFL Playoffs & Coach Firings 1/4/16

My Admirals broadcast partner, Evan Giddings, is back in town to talk NFL playoffs, coach firings, potential coaching candidates for the the 49ers — including one with a Bay Area past — and potential landing places for Jared Goff.

Vallejo Times Herald Sports Editor, Matt O’Donnell joins us to talk Warriors, local sports and college football!

Fitz Blitz 12/28/15

Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete Turner of the “Break it Down Show” join me to tie a bow on 2015, talk 49ers, Raiders, LA Football, Peyton Manning’s name gets dropped by a PED peddler, and more!

Fitz Blitz 12/21/15

We ponder a possible ownership change for the 49ers, and breakdown the Raiders loss to the Packers.

Mike Samuels talks hoops and hardball with us, including ’95-’96 Bulls vs. current Warriors talk from Charles Barkley  and Giants Cueto signing.

Matt O’Donnell talks local sports and more, and the Timmy Fitz conspiracy theory of the week!

Fitz Blitz 11/23/15

I explain why the Raiders are on a losing streak, address the apparent end of Kaepernick in SF, talk Warriors with Omar Lewis, and local sports and MLB Awards with Matt O’Donnell. 

Fitz Blitz 11/16/15

I’m joined by Chris Owens of 107.7 the Bone to talk about the attacks in Paris, state of the Raiders and 49ers as we enter 2nd half of the season, the protests at Mizzou, local Vallejo sports, and MLB Rookie of the year.

Fitz Blitz 11/2/15

Marilyn Pittman and I dissect the World Series, second guess Terry Collins, and talk Pete Rose’s cult status. 

I answer if the Raiders are a playoff team, and if the 49ers tanking? 

I tell the rest of the Western “They asked for it!” as the Warriors doubters keep the chip on their shoulder large in this hot start.

Fitz Blitz 10/26/15

The Raiders went in to San Diego and dominated, while the 49ers have injury added to insult as they are crushed at home by the Seahawks. 

I’m joined by Evan Giddings to talk Chargers-Raiders, the A’s offseason plans, and the World Series. And I talk Warriors season opener with Evan and my other guest, Fitz Blitz hoops expert, Omar Lewis.

Fitz Blitz 10/12/15

I talk MLB Playoffs with my guest Marilyn Pittman, breakdown the Raiders & 49ers losses to the Manning brothers, and discuss the disrespect from Western Conference for the Warriors.

Fitz Blitz 10/5/15 NFL, MLB Playoffs, CC

I try to pinpoint what went wrong for the Raiders and 49ers in week 4, wrap up 2015 for the Giants and A’s, preview the MLB playoff picture and make my wild card predictions, and discuss CC Sabathia’s decision to check into rehab.

Fitz Blitz 9/28/15 With Break it Down Show

I’m joined by Pete Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero of The Break It Down Show! We talk NFL action, our favorite current and all-time QBs, MLB Playoff picture & predictions, NL MVP race, and pay our respects to Yogi Berra.

They also share their stories from their interviews of Jay Mohr & Dodgers in-stadium DJ, DJ Severe.

Fitz Blitz 9/14/15

I break down the Raiders disastrous season opener, preview the 49ers Monday Night 2015 opener, talk Tim Hudson and MLB playoffs with Evan Giddings, and tell Giants fans to embrace every-other-year pattern.

Fitz Blitz 9/7/15 Admirals Wrap, NFL Preview

I put the 2015 Admirals season to bed, and chat with manager Garry Templeton II about where things went wrong on the field and what he would do differently. He gives his reasoning behind his moves, and responds to former GM Kathy Beistel blaming fiscal issues on the team’s play.

Fitz Blitz 8/10/15

My broadcast partner on Admirals Baseball broadcasts, Evan Giddings, makes one more Fitz Blitz appearance before heading back to school for his senior year.  

We talk A’s, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, and… Chargers? Ok. I get in a Fantasy Ball Blitz, and we even talk a little Floyd Mayweather.

Fitz Blitz 8/3/15

Evan Giddings and I breakdown all the deals at the 2015 MLB trade deadline, preview NFL training camps and more! 

Fitz Blitz 7/27/15

My broadcast partner on Admirals Baseball broadcasts, Evan Giddings, joins me to discuss how an A’s fan survives the rest of the season, MLB trade deadline & playoff predictions, how NBA free agency changes the Western Conference, the roster turnover for the Admirals, 49ers vs. …

Fitz Blitz 7/13/15 MLB All Star Week

It’s an MLB All-Star Week extravaganza with Marylin Pittman and Ally Williams!

Fitz Blitz 6/1/15 Admirals Preview Show

It’s the official 2015 Vallejo Admirals preview show!!!  In the first hour I talk with manager Garry Templeton II, first base coach Mike Samuels, and pitching coach — and pitcher — Demetrius Banks, about their background, thoughts on the roster, and their coaching styles.

Fitz Blitz 5/18/15

I talk about how the Warriors came back against Memphis, if they’ll ever get respect with their style of play, how they can beat Houston, and if Dion Jordan could end up a Warrior with Omar Lewis.

Admirals first base coach and player development director, Mike Samuels and I talk about the new Admirals, Hunter Pence’s return and the A’s errors.

Fitz Blitz 5/11/15

I shoo away the vultures circling the Warriors, unflinchingly stand by my prediction of Warriors in six, and explain why they will come back home tied at two a piece.  

I wrap up the week in high school sports, talk about Tim Linceum’s return to form, tell Giants fans they need to appreciate Nori Aoki more, and delve into why the A’s are struggling.

Ian Gray as Harry Caray

The Clown Prince of Admirals baseball, relief pitcher, Ian Gray, comes over to the broadcast booth on 8/14/14 to show off his broadcasting chops, and give us a taste of his Harray Caray impression.  It’s like one of those delicious hot dogs!

Fitz Blitz 4/27/15

NFL Draft preview, some thoughts on the big fight on May 2nd, A’s & Giants talk, and what the Warriors have to do to beat Memphis in the second round with Omar Lewis.

Fitz Blitz 4/20/15

Admirals roving announcer, Bruce Jones, joins me to break down the returning Vallejo Admirals and talk about the upcoming season. We discuss the rough go the Giants are having and the drama the A’s experienced in Kansas City. 

I talk to coach Byran Rooney of Cal Maritime about their offseason program and recruiting, and we talk Golden State Warriors Playoffs.

Fitz Blitz 4/13/15

I talk about the Vallejo Admirals tryout at CC Sabathia Field and the process the coaching staff goes through to evaluate players, how difficult it is to even be a fringe major leaguer, the Giants home opener, the A’s feast or famine offense, and the NBA's potential playoff seeding in the west.

Fitz Blitz 4/6/15

After I rant on the way positive hip hop is perceived, Omar Lewis joins me to breakdown the Final Four, and discuss ways to keep players from bolting to the NBA after 1 year and how to possibly compensate “student athletes.

I’m also joined by my very special guest, Vallejo Admirals 1st Base Coach and Director of Player Development — and former member of the Reds and Rangers organization — Mike Samuels.  

Fitz Blitz 3/23/15

It’s the MLB Preview Show with Pete & Jon of the Break It Down Show, and Bruce Jones of the Vallejo Admirals as we talk about what we love about baseball and the upcoming season.  I also talk NCAA March Madness as Kansas flames out again, and Van Fleet is on Fleek!

Fitz Blitz 3/16/15

I talk 49ers and Raiders free agent moves, we chat with Vallejo Admirals new owner Kathy Beistel, talk about the Panda’s unceremonious exit and other spring training topics with Marilyn Pittman, Warriors potential playoff matchup vs. OKC with Omar Lewis, and the Cal Maritime Keelhaulers trip to the national tournament.

Fitz Blitz 3/9/15

We talk Vallejo area high school and Cal Maritime hoops, a little NFL free agency with Bruce Jones and Patrick Willis’ retirement, Draymond Green opening a can on Dahntay Jones, the Raiders stadium plans in Carson with the Chargers, and I announce my return to the Vallejo Admirals!

Fitz Blitz NBA All Star Weekend Wrap

Omar Lewis joins the Fitz Blitz as we give our takes on the 3-point and dunk contest, the NBA all star game and TNT's coverage of the events.

Fitz Blitz 2/2/15

I’m joined by Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete Turner from the Break it Down Show and we fully dissect Super Bowl 49, from the game to the surrounding pomp and pageantry, along with the NFL Hall of Fame class of 2015.

Fitz Blitz 1/19/15

Bruce Jones and I talk Conference Championship Sunday, College Football Championship, the new NFL coaches in the Bay Area, and I riff on the Patriots ball deflation and local sports.

Fitz Blitz 1/12/15

I discuss the theft of the Vallejo Admirals uniforms, talk NFL Playoffs and Dez Bryant’s non catch with Bruce Jones, NFL coaches with Todd Allen, and who to root for in NFL Playoffs with Marilyn Pittman.

Fitz Blitz 1/5/15

Pete & Jon from the Break it Down Show talk Vallejo Admirals moving up, baseball HOF, Jim Harbaugh, Raiders coaching candidates, NFL Playoffs, Benicia High baseball, & why I don’t talk about the Sharks.  

Omar Lewis of Prolific Prep joins the blitz as well to talk Golden State Warriors.  …

Fitz Blitz 3/10/14

This week on the Fitz Blitz:

I update the state of Admirals Baseball

High school hoops with Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald

High school & pro hoops with Omar Lewis of the NFHS Network

Cal Maritime Head Basketball Coach Bryan Rooney on their 2nd straight conference tourney title

Fitz Blitz 2/24/14

I chat with Bruce Jones about the Jim Harbaugh trade rumor & the Daytona 500, preview Solano County High School Hoops playoffs with Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald, and Omar Lewis of the NFHS Network, and talk Giants Baseball with Ally Williams of

Fitz Blitz 2/17/14

I’m joined by Pete & Jon of the Midweek Mash on Ozcat Radio. We discuss that line between playful, locker-room banter, and bullying, local Vallejo sports, & Giants baseball.

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