About Fitz


I was born in St. Louis and moved to San Francisco in 1998, and have been a journalist for almost 15 years. 

I'm a sports nut, and somehow a health nut all at once.  I'm more “Three Nights in August,” but have a touch of “Moneyball.”  And I bring a different viewpoint of the sports culture than most sports journalists do.

Though I love fantasy sports and tracking stats, I feel numbers only tell part of the story, and am far more intrigued by the minds under the helmets, and the hearts under the numbered uniforms.  

I'm an avid fan of my teams, but am also very realistic when it comes to their flaws.  A semi-retired, semi-pro rapper & part-time DJ, who loves to laugh.http://twitter.com/timmyfitz76

© Tim Fitzgerald 2011