Ian Gray as Harry Caray

The Clown Prince of Admirals baseball, relief pitcher, Ian Gray, comes over to the broadcast booth on 8/14/14 to show off his broadcasting chops, and give us a taste of his Harray Caray impression.  …

Midweek Mash With Fitz at Wilson Park 7_24_13

I’m joined in the broadcast booth during a Vallejo Admirals game by Pete Turner & Jon Leon Guerrero of "The Midweek Mash" on Ozcat Radio, as they let me mash into their time slot for a highly-entertaining night of independent baseball.

Braun Revisited & New Trends in PEDs

Pros & Cons of New MLB Playoff Format

Talking Our Teams

Braun & Our Inner Selves

The Final Pujols Piece

Okay, well... I guess I'll address the elephant in the room on my return to the Blitz.

To those telling me to appreciate everything Albert Pujols did as a St. Louis Cardinal and not be angry, I say, "Don't tell me how to feel!"  


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